1-Who will benefit from body wraps?
The Turbo body Wrap process will help: Women with loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes. Women who need hips, thighs, and upper arm tightened and lifted. Men with excess weight around the mid section. Women with cellulite problems. Dieters who want to lose inches in the right areas first. People who need to lose a few inches to sculpt and improve their shape.

2-How do Collagen Body Wraps work?
The body has 3 layers of fat. Over time, as toxins begin to accumulate, our bodies change shape: Accumulation of toxins in the body causes poor circulation, water retention and weakening of the body’s natural elimination process. As toxins accumulate between the fat cells, the skin begins to take on the lumpy and bumpy uneven look as fat cells expand to accommodate trapped toxins. Collagen Body Wraps use wraps saturated in a Collagen based solution. One the treatment is applied the solution is absorbed into the pores, extracting toxins from between the fat cells. The compression of our advanced proprietary wrapping technique creates inch loss and also nourishes, tightens and tones the skin. The combination of the compression from the wraps and the absorption of the Collagen solution results in noticeable skin tightening. Cellulite is the most visible sign of water retention and causes the appearance of dimply skin because of stored fluid between fat cells in fatty areas. Cellulite occurs in areas with the poorest circulation – typically in the thighs, hips and stomach – since there is more waste build up in these areas from larger fat cells.

3-What should I expect?
After the application of the Collagen Body Wrap solution and the treatment bandages are applied you are placed inside the Infrared Therapy Device. The heat therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry greater amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy tone, texture, and detoxification process. Relax and be ready to let yourself melt away with our Proprietary Turbo Collagen Technology. Each 30-minute, therapeutic treatment contours your body with Infrared heat, encouraging you to remove unwanted toxins. During the treatment, you simply relax and lounge in the subdue rising heat as your metabolism is coaxed to burn up to 1,200 calories per session, and your curves, contours, and definition begin to rematerialize. Each weekly treatment you are measured to determine your inch loss. A revolutionary treatment with remarkable results.

4- How often should I come?
One-Three times a week is advised to keep the treatment consistent. It does not make a difference the days or times, and you can come consecutive days. You will be measured once a week and weighed each visit to determine your loss.

5- What do I need to do at home to get the most out of my body wrap?
The simple after The Body Wrap Turbo Treatment: The client is advised to drink a suggested amount of 64 - 80 ounces daily.

 It is advised that the client’s water intake stay consistent throughout the duration of their treatments. Avoid high amount of caffeine, alcohol, soda, excessive salt, and fatty-friedgreasy foods. A comprehensive weight management and weight maintenance program is available and advised for clients to achieve inch loss and weight loss results. Using the Accelerated Inch-Loss Cream and Collagen-Elastin Refirming Gel on a daily basis in between the treatments will help to maintain the results on an interim basis

6- How many inches will I lose?
Inch loss will vary from client to client, what determines the amount of inch loss is the percentage of swollen and inflated fat deposit, the excess amount of girth, and the amount of weight loss needed. The inch loss will vary from client to client.

7-Is the amount of inches lost due to a loss of water?
The inch loss received from the body wrap is not water loss. The body wrap along with the specialized solution helps to remove toxins from around the fat deposit, allowing the fat deposit to become compressed in size. Body Wrap Spa wraps do not promote water loss, it only helps with the cellulite reduction, tightening and toning the skin, reducing cellulite and inch loss.

8- Will I see a difference in one wrap?
The client will see a difference in one visit, however depending on the amount of weight and inches the person has to lose will be the basis on when they will achieve their goal. On your first visit, we measure you before and after so that you can see the results for yourself.

9-Will the inch loss be permanent?
The results attained from the body wrap treatment will be phenomenal. However, it will take the clients commitment as well. The client must follow the after care instructions, continue to lose weight, or simply maintain their current weight to keep their inches off. Our company never guarantee’s any weight loss or inch loss results, or that the results will be permanent.

10- Should I bring an extra change of clothes?
Clients will need to bring a second set of undergarments (for men swim trunks or workout shorts) as yours will get a little wet from the treatment. When you arrive we will ask you to change into your bathing suit, sports bra/ underwear and men you can bring your swim trunks to change into. Once your treatment is done, you will be able to change out of your wet clothes and into the clothes of your choice.